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Eddie Velosa

As a Custom Publishing Editor at the Los Angeles Times, I oversaw the production of dozens of branded content publications. I had the privilege of working with a wide range of global brands across various industries. My role involved curating content, managing client relationships, and ensuring seamless integration across our multimedia portfolio. The goal was to create bespoke publications that not only captured the essence of each brand but also engaged our discerning Sunday readership and diverse audience.

Collaboration was at the heart of every project—from budget meetings to editorial brainstorming sessions, I worked closely with internal stakeholders but was responsible for hiring writers, curating content, and directing the layout.

Working hand-in-hand with designers, I ensured that every page captured a distinct look and feel that spoke to the featured brand. Attention to detail was crucial as I edited and proofread content according to our style guide and brand guidelines, maintaining the high editorial standards of the Los Angeles Times throughout the production process.

In addition to my role as a Custom Publishing Editor, I also worked as a publicist, supporting various business, newsroom, and community affairs initiatives. Additionally, I oversaw two legacy philanthropic campaigns and profiled inner-city youth programs throughout Southern California. 

I also pursued my passion for journalism and had a lifetime experience covering one of the biggest music festivals in the world in Belgium, Tomorrowland. From backstage interviews to front-row coverage, I captured the essence of the event through a series of published news articles.

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