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Eddie Velosa

After two years of remote work across Southeast Asia and South America, I found myself back in Boston working for Flock as a content marketing manager. What set Flock apart wasn’t just its young startup vibe—it was the freedom to innovate and experiment, an environment that served as an invaluable crucible for refining my skills across the spectrum.

In my capacity, I juggled diverse roles while cross-collaborating on different projects like product launches, feature releases, and sales enablement. I had the opportunity to showcase my copywriting on the homepage, product use cases, and landing pages for enterprise and C-suite funnels, pushing the boundaries of our brand voice while catering to a diverse and discerning demographic.


Copy Refresh & Redesign

Alt. Homepage Copy

H1: Birds of a feather Flock together.
Subhead: Whether you work with early birds in Boston or night owls in Dubai, Flock keeps your peeps in sync, your goals in check, and your business on track.

CTA: Get Chirping


Product Overview


Collaboration Guide


Guide to Remote Teams


Remote Work Guide


H2: Chirp it up in channels.
Subhead: Create 1:1 or group channels for anything worth discussing, from cross-functional projects to company-wide initiatives.

H2: Flock to what’s important.
Subhead: Streamline decision-making and problem-solving across a single, shared, and secure workspace.

H3: Avoid the chaos and clutter.
Body: Eliminate discord and distraction caused by messy chats and scrambled email threads. Work async to get a better grip on work.

H3: Zero in on to-dos like a hawk.
Body: Flock brings your work into focus without context switching so you keep your eyes on the prize and projects on point.

H3: Meet live, face-to-face.
Body: Verbalize feedback to emphasize a point when text won’t cut it, or share your screen to visualize the details.

H3: Share files in a flash.
Body: Keep important information flowing safely between internal stakeholders with secure file sharing.


H2: Gain peace of mind when your teams align.
Subhead: Growing businesses use Flock to break silos, bridge gaps, and build stronger, more connected working relationships.

H3: Flock for Sales
Body: Connect your CRM and get notified when a lead converts. Then drop a GIF in the marketing channel to rejoice.

H3: Flock for Marketing
Body: Convert more leads with Sales in the loop. Share insights in the team channel and always be closing.

H3: Flock for Finance
Body: Connect directly with stakeholders to tie up loose ends before the quarter-end crunch.

H3: Flock for HR
b Coordinate interviews in one channel while you finalize contracts in another.

H3: Flock for Product
Body: Automate workflows using your favorite apps like Google Drive, Jira, Figma, Asana, and more.

H3: Flock for Engineering
Body: Integrate all your dev tools into Flock and manage your entire coding universe in one space.

Help Doc

Data Security & Priacy

Help Doc

Onboarding Journey

Security & Support

H2: Scale up your nest with the industry’s best.
Body: Powerful admin tools and scalable provisioning give growing businesses full command of Flock with end-to-end protection and top-to-bottom control.

H3: Team Onboarding
Body: Get Flocking in just 10 days with our specialized training.

H3: Data Security & Privacy
Body: Flock safeguards your private data across all your devices.

H3: Dedicated 24/7 Support
Body: We’ve got your back to keep your business on track.

Blog Posts

TOFU Lead Gen

Landing Page

Enterprise Lander

Enterprise Landing Page

— [Header] —

H1: Flock for Enterprises
Subhead: A powerful, secure, and scalable collaboration platform for growing enterprises.

CTA: Book 1:1 Demo

— [First Fold] —

H2: Welcome to your company’s command center for doing business.
Subhead: Securely manage your workforce and power your collaborative workstream.

H3: Your home for cross-functional collaboration.
Subhead: One collaborative workspace, a range of scalable solutions.

Visual: Product demo w/link to sandbox

— [Second Fold: Horizontal Tab Layout] —

Microheader: Channel Messaging
H4: Your home for conversations.
Body: Manage all your work in channels to improve problem-solving and streamline decision-making from top to bottom.

Microheader: Video Calling
H4: Your virtual meeting room.
Body: Flock’s built-in video and voice calling system keeps your employees connected and engaged wherever they work.

Microheader: Universal Directory
H4: Your organization’s black book.
Body: Flock connects employees like no other business messaging system, putting your entire workforce at your fingertips.

Microheader: Secure File Sharing
H4: Your portal for knowledge sharing.
Body: Flock’s secure file sharing keeps important information organized and flowing safely between your employees.

Microheader: Integrated Search
H4: Your quick-access repository.
Body: Search in Flock provides easy access to shared files, old messages, and contacts for quick reference points and follow-ups.

Visuals: All tabbed content accompanied by corresponding product GIFs

— [Third Fold] —

H2: Vault-like security across all your devices
Subhead: Keep your company’s sensitive data private with layered, enterprise-grade security that safeguards your business across all devices.

H3: End-to-end protection, top-to-bottom control.
Subhead: Powerful admin tools and scalable provisioning give enterprises full command of Flock.

— [Fourth Fold: Horizontal Tab Layout] —

Microheader: User Management
H4: Flock maps 1:1 to your organization.
Body: We map your entire company to Flock using custom fields and user groups so you can easily manage your enterprise workforce.

Microheader: User Permissions
H4: Set multi-level user privileges.
Body: Configure custom rules and role-based permissions to control account access for each team and every employee.

Microheader: User Authentication
H4: Single-point account provisioning.
Body: Prevent unauthorized access with IP and domain blacklisting, and single sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory sync.

Microheader: Data Privacy
H4: Decide how long to keep your data.
Body: Set a global message and file retention policy to meet industry-specific guidelines and regulatory compliance.

— [Fifth Fold: 3-col Layout] —

Logo: SOC2 Type II
 Flock is SOC 2 compliant with annual audits.
Body: We follow very strict, best-in-class, audited protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of user information.

Logo: Transport Layer Security
 TLS 1.2 data encryption w/AES cipher
Body: All traffic between Flock clients and servers is encrypted using TLS 1.2 with an AES cipher to keep you secure.

Logo: Amazon Web Services
Hosted on Amazon’s AWS servers w/a 99.99% uptime record.
Body: Flock is compatible with all SAMLv2, enterprise-based authentication systems like Azure and Okta.

— [Sixth Fold] —

H2: Enhance your workspace with custom app integrations and built-in productivity tools.
Icons: Zoom, Jira, Asana, Zapier, GitHub
CTA: All Intergrations & Apps

— [Seventh Fold] —

H2: Always-on support your business can rely on.
Subhead: From onboarding to training, Flock keeps your business on track with help from real humans wherever and whenever you need us.

H3: Onboard in just 10 days.
Body: Our world-class support team meticulously implements your custom use case in Flock, setting you up for immediate success, future impact, and growth—so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

— [4-col Layout] —

Day 1: Prepare
  • Configure admin panel
  • Migrate user groups
  • Integrate apps
Day 3: Invite
  • Invite team admins
  • Invite key stakeholders
  • Invite all employees
Day 5: Train
  • Full product overview
  • Master admin panel
  • API deep dive
Day 10: Support
  • Dedicated manager
  • Always-on support
  • Knowledgebase 101

— [Footer] —

H2: Learn how Flock can help grow your business.
CTA: Book My Demo

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