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Eddie Velosa

I was tasked with crafting comprehensive case studies for five businesses that utilized Extole’s referral marketing platform to elevate their brand’s intrinsic value. These case studies emphasize the profound influence of Millennial referrals combined with the benefits of Extole’s referral marketing platform—ranging from exponential customer acquisition growth to mind-blowing conversion rates—providing a compelling narrative of the tangible benefits achieved through strategic referral marketing initiatives.


In today’s digital landscape, Millennial consumers wield immense influence. More than 100 million Millennial shoppers spend more than $1.4 trillion online in the US alone—their impact on e-commerce is undeniable. Millennials remain key in cultivating credibility and cachet for thousands of brands, with their endorsements driving massive exposure and proving highly profitable for forward-thinking marketers.

In response, industries have shifted focus to mega-marketing initiatives targeting Millennials. Yet, amidst the noise, one strategy consistently delivers exceptional ROI: referral marketing. Unlike traditional approaches, referral marketing sells through Millennials, leveraging their networks and trust to drive engagement and conversions.

At the forefront stands Extole, a referral marketing SaaS startup with a winning formula for brand advocacy. Its platform is renowned for high-quality lead generation, boasting a remarkable 41% conversion rate through Millennial referrals. This success has cemented Extole’s status as an industry leader.

American Giant

Case Study


Case Study


Case Study

Intuit Quickbooks

Case Study


Case Study

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